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What people say about me

“Tom has provided excellent high-value, video production and post-production for me as Creative Director at SunPower for a number of years. He can be relied upon to go above and beyond the expected and responds collaboratively when faced with challenges or new opportunities.”

-Noel Barnes, Sunpower Corporation

"Tom is always my first hire on a shoot, he is a safe pair of hands and the anchor I build the crew around. On Set, Tom always comes prepared for anything and is quick to identify opportunities that may have been overlooked in prep."

-Brian Tucker,

"I've worked with Tom many times and always appreciate the breadth and depth of his experience. He’s quick, smart, plus he's fun to be around and has the perfect vibe on set.“

-Kesten Migdal, video producer + videographer

"One thing I know about Tom is that one place he excels is outside his comfort zone."

-Octavio Warnock-Graham, Octave Films

"Tom, if you move to LA you've got a job for life."

-Jeff Anderson, Fly on the Wall entertainment

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