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Tom Guiney is a multi-talented image maker: DP, producer, gaffer, photographer, editor, drone pilot and photomontage artist. Less obviously, he is also an inventor, painter, costume and prop maker, and electronic musician. He can create magic, solve problems, fix broken things, improvise and . If you've got a problem, you can count on constructive and creative help from him.

Tom is really good with lighting and framing, as well as making interview subjects feel comfortable. After 20 years of working with every type of shoot and situation, he will expertly communicate your message in a way that looks great. He’s obsessive about getting it right.


Tom discovers beauty in microcosms on table-top shoots, magic in costumes and props. He moves between “straight” and “offbeat” with ease and finds unexpected solutions.


Noteworthy is his work creating, patenting and bringing to market Airbox Inflatable softboxes, which have sold well in the US and internationally before he sold it off.

Tom lives in Oakland, CA.

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