Conviction Films, Inc.

I’m Tom Guiney.  I’ve been lots of things in lots of places, and that means I bring a lot to your job, especially if the job ends up with us getting stuck on a desert island somewhere, since resourcefulness is one of my top features.  I’m not just a DP, not just a gaffer, not just a producer, but also a patented inventor, a spelling champion, methodical thinker, card counter, photographer, painter, costume and prop maker, dancer, image manipulator, electronic musician, climber, fixer of broken things, owner of a keen built-in BS detector, and problem solver in general. I studied art and critical theory at Brown, and I’ve earned my living in lighting and camera since 1998.

More specifically, I understand lighting and framing intimately with over 20 years of experience on every type of shoot, and can bring that experience to bear on making your images look beautiful, communicating your message, within the time limits that your job allows. 

Work with me. Thousands of other people haven’t been sorry that they did.

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